Song Samples

Please click on the links below to hear funeral singer, Mary, sing snippets of some frequently requested funeral, memorial service, and celebration of life service songs. For booking requests or additional information, please click here to contact her.

Amazing Grace

Ave Maria (Schubert)

Cuando Yo Muero

The Lord’s Prayer

Why Memorial Service Music Is So Important

Music is a very important component of every memorial service. The songs help to set the tone, highlight important elements within the ceremony, and ensure that the service flows smoothly. Even more, when performed by a professional, music brings a level of dignity to the service and can be very comforting to those in attendance.

Most commonly, a funeral singer will perform an intro song and a song for communion (if it’s a religious service). The singer will then perform a song between the eulogy and the remembrances. Finally, the service will conclude with a closing song. 

As a skilled, experienced memorial service musician, Mary performs her music with sensitivity and gentleness. Her clear, soothing voice has been said to usher in a feeling of calm and peace when she sings. Please click here for more information or to send a booking inquiry to Mary.


Types of Funeral Singer Performances

There are several different moments throughout the celebration of life when music performances can be particularly poignant. Performances for the funeral service itself are most common, but having an a cappella performance for the internment ceremony or music at the reception afterwards can also be a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one. 

In your booking conversation with Mary, she will ask you questions about your loved one and your vision for your service. She’ll listen to you as you share your thoughts. From there, she can help you to pinpoint the best approach for your ceremony. Once she has an idea of what you’re looking for, she will make suggestions about the most appropriate type of music performances for your family. As a result, your service music will be beautiful, reflecting your loved one and memorializing them in a way truly fitting to them.